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IPR-125231707-1575 ACCU-TECH 11/4" Plenum Innerduct (White) indoor with rope Simple Type: Cabling Request Quote
NP2K648 ACCU-TECH ACCU-TECH Q-NP2K648, Rack Mount Neat Patch Cable Management KIT with QTY (48) 2 FT CAT6 Certified Patch Cables. Simple Type: Rack Mount Neat-Patch is a patented patch cable storage solution that’s unlike anything the network cabling world has never known. Its unique design enables network installers and IT techs to store excess patch cable length in a neat and tidy compartment that installs discreetly between patch panels. Instead of wadding up the slack and stuffing it into finger duct, the end user simply coils the excess and slides it into place. Neat-Patch cable storage is compliant with telecom/datacom industry standards, and supports proper bend radius requirements. Request Quote