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A3EXP1563 ADVANET The A3EXP1563 is a Gigabit Ethernet board that supports the CompactPCI Express standard and is equipped with two 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports. Peripheral board Type 2 is adopted as a CompactPCI Express board that can be used for ×4 and ×1 lanes. The front panel is compatible with 6U and 3U and 1-slot width. Simple Type: COMPACT PCI EXPRESS Download the datasheet (PDF) Request Quote
A6EXP8021 ADVANET A6EXP8021 is a high-performance CPU board which supported to CompactPCI Express standard promptly. It equipped with Intel Core Duo/Core2 Duo. Memory boasts higher reliability due to the SEC/DED/x4 SDDC features of the E7520 server chipset, and PC2-3200 DIMM can be installed using dual channel architecture. CompactPCI Express can be used for 4 x4 or 2 x8 lanes, and is compatible with various backplanes. In addition, standard interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ATA and USB 2.0, are installed, making it very user friendly. Simple Type: COMPACT PCI EXPRESS Download the datasheet (PDF) Request Quote
ADEXP1560 ADVANET Advanet ADEXP1560 PCI Express ARCNET Board Simple Type: PCI Express ARCNET Board AdEXP1560 is a PCI Express ARCNET board featuring SMSC COM20022 ARCNET controller. This board is equipped with an on-board non-isolated RS-485 tranceiver. It optionally supports HYC2000, HYC4000 or HYC5000 isolated transceivers as well. Board size compatible with low profile requirements, so it can easily install in a small PC housing. Download the datasheet (PDF) Request Quote