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1AF04858AA CONTINUOUS COMPUTING Continuous Computing Alcatel-Lucent 1AF04858AA SPARCBLADE 650 CompactPCI CPU Board Simple Type: CPU Board Request Quote
ATCA-PP50 CONTINUOUS COMPUTING AdvancedTCA Blade for deep packet inspection Simple Type: CPU Board The PP50 provides superior performance via one or two discrete multi-core MIPS64 packet processors. Each processor provides 8 multi-threaded cores and contains a built-in security co-processor capable of handling up to 10Gbps of bulk encryption / decryption (20Gbps per blade). The PP50 supports each processor with up to 8GB of memory (16GB per blade) as well as access to a TCAM and content-based processors via mezzanines. TCAM is especially important for very high performance IPv6 routing platforms. Download the datasheet (PDF) Request Quote
SPBLADE650 CONTINUOUS COMPUTING Blade Module Simple Type: ATCA Request Quote