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PCI20UCXB CONTEMPORARY CONTROLS CONTEMPORARY CONTROLS PCI20UCXB PCI Card - Arcnet network Simple Type: Network Interface Card he PCI standard requires that plug-in boards use a +3.3 V power source provided by the PC's motherboard, making the +5 power obsolete. In response to this development, Contemporary Controls introduced a universal-voltage PCI ARCNET Network Interface Module (NIM) which is compatible with both +3.3 Volt and older, 5-Volt computers. The PCI20U product is a drop-in replacement for the PCI20, +5 V PCI card which removes any work needed by the user to migrate to +3.3 V PCI or PCI-X slot motherboards. This demonstrates the company's commitment to ARCNET technology and to their customers' requirements for legacy installations. Download the datasheet (PDF) Request Quote