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95640 DYNAPRO 10.4" Resistive Touch Screen, 8-Wire, with 8-Pin Female Berg Connector PN 65801-008 Simple Type: 8-WIRE TOUCH PANELS Dynapro has a number of touch screen solutions designed for a wide variety of applications. There are many ways to integrate Dynapro's standard and custom touch screens. A resistive touch screen is constructed with two transparent layers coated with a conductive material stacked on top of each other. When pressure is applied by a finger or a stylus on the screen, the top layer makes contact with the lower layer. When a voltage is applied across one of the layers, a voltage divider is created. The coordinates of a touch can be found by applying a voltage across one layer in the Y direction and reading the voltage created by the voltage divider to find the Y coordinate, and then applying a voltage across the other layer in the X direction and reading the voltage created by the voltage divi- der to find the X coordinate touch screens. Download the datasheet (PDF) Request Quote